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Update on NAR HPR Certification

The NAR just made two changes to the certification procedures for high power.

The first is an electronic step to help them process the paperwork faster. This is a step the applicant will take when they get home from a launch to file the paperwork with the NAR. SSS uses a custom electronic system for managing the paperwork, and this system will provide you with everything you need to complete this form quickly and easily.

The second change is that NAR certification exams for level 2 and junior level 1 certification must be proctored by an L2 or L3 club officer, or an L3CC member. This requirement is already met by SSS.

If you've seen the new requirements in your NAR newsletter or posted elsewhere, rest assured you're in good hands with SSS for your L1 or L2 high power certifications.

For tips on doing your high power certification with us, see the certification article in the help section.

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