NAR & SSS Founder and Past President

1928 – 1997
Photo of Harry Stine at NARAM-39
by George Rachor.

“G. Harry Stine was my hero. And now I have to continue on without him here but I’m not too worried because he was a good teacher. I know he taught me well. I will miss him.”
J. Patrick Miller, Past NAR President

“It is rare that any one person can have such a profound effect on so many people. Rarer still that one man can single-handedly lay claim to a whole hobby. And rarest of all that he is loved, admired, and respected by thousands of people he never knew. It is a special person who reaches that pinnacle, and we were lucky to have him.”
Michael R. Hollihan President, MSRS

The G Harry Stine Memorial Launch was first initiated in October of 1998 as a celebration of G. Harry Stine’s legacy to model rocketry.  The first two annual launches were single-day events that grew in size to the point that the GHS Memorial Launch was expanded to a weekend launch in October of 2000.  This annual event has become one of the most anticipated launch weekends in the state of Arizona.

In 2022, the GHS launch is moving to the Spring.

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