The Kofa launch site is located off of I-10 exit 53 west of the valley. We have an FAA waiver up to 16.000 ft MSL (14,600 AGL) with call-in up to 17,500 ft MSL (16,100 ft AGL). Rocketeers of all experience levels are welcome to join us and fly any certified motor from 1/8A through O.

Site GPS coordinates are: 33.553017, -113.610958

Refer to the map on this page even if using GPS navigation. The two most common problems people run into with GPS navigation is taking the wrong turn to the South once on the dirt roads (the sharper turn is what you want, it's shorter and the road is better!)  The other common issue is GPS navigation tends to highlight the wrong gas pipeline road.  There are multiple pipelines out there, so refer to our map to find the right one.

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